OpenBSD manual page server

Manual Page Search Parameters
pkg-config(1) fetch metadata about installed software packages
pkg_add(1) install or update software packages
pkg_check-manpages(1) verify manpage subjects in packages
pkg_check-problems(1) verify problems in package collections
pkg_create(1) create binary software package for distribution
pkg_delete(1) delete software package distributions
pkg_info(1) display information on software packages
pkg_locate, pkglocate(1) find files in OpenBSD packages quickly
pkg_mklocatedb(1) create a locate database for packages
pkg_outdated(1) compare installed packages and the ports tree
pkg_sign(1) sign binary packages for distribution
pkg_subst(1) substitute variables' values in files
port-getpkgpath-helper(1) deduces PKGPATH from current directory