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MOPPROBE(1) General Commands Manual MOPPROBE(1)

mopprobeMOP Probe Utility

mopprobe [-3 | -4] [-aov] interface

mopprobe prints the Ethernet address and nodename of DECserver 100/200/250/300 on the Ethernet connected to interface or all known interfaces if -a is given. If -o inhibits all messages but the first from a node. With -v all MOP/RC SID messages will be shown (e.g., machines running DECnet).

The options are as follows:

Ignore MOP V3 messages (Ethernet II).
Ignore MOP V4 messages (Ethernet 802.3).
Listen on all the Ethernets attached to the system. If -a is omitted, an interface must be specified.
Print a node just once.
Show all nodes sending MOP/RC SID messages.

mopa.out(1), mopchk(1), moptrace(1), mopd(8)

Mats O Jansson <>

July 6, 2017 OpenBSD-current