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INFO(5) File Formats Manual INFO(5)

info - readable online documentation

The Info file format is an easily-parsable representation for online documents. It can be read by emacs(1) and info(1) among other programs.

Info files are usually created from texinfo(5) sources by makeinfo(1), but can be created from scratch if so desired.

For a full description of the Texinfo language and associated tools, please see the Texinfo manual (written in Texinfo itself). Most likely, running this command from your shell:

info texinfo
or this key sequence from inside Emacs:
M-x info RET m texinfo RET
will get you there.<version>.tar.gz
or any GNU mirror site.

Please send bug reports to, general questions and discussion to

info(1), install-info(1), makeinfo(1), texi2dvi(1),
emacs(1), tex(1).