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DVMRPD.CONF(5) File Formats Manual DVMRPD.CONF(5)


dvmrpd.confDistance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol daemon configuration file


The dvmrpd(8) daemon implements the Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol as described in draft-ietf-idmr-dvmrp-v3-11 DVMRP Version 3.


The dvmrpd.conf config file is divided into three main sections.
User-defined variables may be defined and used later, simplifying the configuration file.
Global Configuration
Global settings for dvmrpd(8). A number of global settings can be overruled in specific areas or interfaces.
Groups are used to group similar interfaces, simplifying configuration.


Macros can be defined that will later be expanded in context. Macro names must start with a letter, digit, or underscore, and may contain any of those characters. Macro names may not be reserved words (for example, area, interface, or hello-interval). Macros are not expanded inside quotes.
For example:
group { 
	interface em0 { 
		query-interval $hi 
The same can be accomplished by specifying the query-interval globally or within the group declaration.


All interface related settings can be configured globally, per group and per interface. The only settings that can be set globally and not overruled are listed below.
mfc-update (yes|no)
If set to yes, the kernel Multicast Forwarding Cache is updated with information from the daemon. The default is yes.


Groups can be used to easily configure similar interfaces. All interface-specific parameters can be configured per group, overruling the global settings.
Specify a group section, grouping one or more interfaces.
group { 
	robustness 4 
	interface em0 
	interface em1 


Each interface can have several parameters configured individually, otherwise they are inherited.
interface em0 { 
Interface-specific parameters are listed below.
igmp-version number
Do not use a newer version than specified. Valid range 1–2. The default version used is 2.
last-member-query-count count
The default value is equal to the default robustness variable; valid range is 1–255.
last-member-query-interval seconds
The default value is 10; valid range is 1–65535.
metric cost
Set the interface metric a.k.a. cost. The default value is 1; valid range is 1–31.
Prevent transmission and reception of IGMP and DVMRP packets on this interface.
query-interval seconds
Set the query interval. The default value is 125 seconds; valid range is 1–65535 seconds.
query-response-interval seconds
Set the query-response-interval; note that this must be less than the query-interval. The default value is 100 seconds; valid range is 1–65535 seconds.
robustness factor
Set the robustness factor; note that this value might have an impact on other variables. The default value is 2; valid range is 1–4.
startup-query-count count
Set the startup-query-interval, used during startup to speed up the process of building the IGMP table for an interface. The default value is equal to the default robustness variable; valid range is the same as the robustness variable.
startup-query-interval seconds
Used during startup, see the startup-query-interval. The default value is query-interval / 4; valid range is the same as the query-interval.


dvmrpd(8) configuration file


dvmrpctl(8), dvmrpd(8), rc.conf.local(8)
DVMRP Version 3, draft-ietf-idmr-dvmrp-v3-11, August 2000.


The dvmrpd.conf file format first appeared in OpenBSD 4.0.
April 24, 2012 OpenBSD-current