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dhcpleased.confdynamic host configuration protocol client daemon configuration file

The dhcpleased(8) daemon is a dynamic host configuration protocol client daemon.

The dhcpleased.conf config file is divided into the following main sections:

User-defined variables may be defined and used later, simplifying the configuration file.
If an interface requires non-default options, they can be defined in this section. Most configurations do not require this.

Macros can be defined that will later be expanded in context. Macro names must start with a letter, digit, or underscore, and may contain any of those characters. Macro names may not be reserved words (for example, interface) Macros are not expanded inside quotes.

A list of interfaces to overwrite defaults:

interface name {[option ...]}

interface options are as follows:

ignore dns
Ignore nameservers from leases on this interface. The default is to not ignore nameservers.
ignore routes
Ignore routes from leases on this interface. The default is to not ignore routes.
Ignore leases from server-ip. This option can be listed multiple times. The default is to not ignore servers.
Send the DHCP client identifier option with a value of client-id. If client-id consists of a series of octets of two-digit hexadecimal numbers separated by colons, the first octet is used as the type and the rest as value. The MAC address 00:53:FF:AA:BB:CC would be configured as:
send client id "01:00:53:FF:AA:BB:CC"

Otherwise the string client-id is sent verbatim. The default is to send the interface's MAC address as client identifier.

When client-id is not a hardware address it is supposed to be sent as hardware type 0 but the majority of DHCP clients and servers do not implement this and neither does dhcpleased.conf. If a server is encountered that requires this, a 0 byte can be encoded as \0. The client identifier “foobar” with hardware type 0 would be configured as:

send client id "\0foobar"
Send the DHCP vendor class identifier option with a value of vendor-class-id. The default is to not send a vendor class identifier.

dhcpleased(8) configuration file.

dhcpleasectl(8), dhcpleased(8)

September 21, 2021 OpenBSD-7.0