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TCPDROP(8) System Manager's Manual TCPDROP(8)

tcpdropdrop a TCP connection

tcpdrop local-addr local-port remote-addr remote-port

tcpdrop local-addr:local-port remote-addr:remote-port

The tcpdrop command drops the TCP connection specified by the local address local-addr, port local-port and the foreign address remote-addr, port remote-port. Addresses and ports can be specified by name or numeric value.

If a connection to httpd(8) is causing congestion on a network link, one can drop the TCP session in charge:

$ fstat | grep 'httpd.*internet.*<--'
www      httpd      21307    3* internet stream tcp \
	0xd1007ca8 <--

Either of the following commands will drop the connection:

# tcpdrop 80 26747

# tcpdrop

fstat(1), netstat(1)

The tcpdrop program first appeared in OpenBSD 3.6.

The tcpdrop program was written by Markus Friedl <>.

August 28, 2014 OpenBSD-6.7