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EF(4) Device Drivers Manual EF(4)

ef3Com Fast EtherLink ISA (3c515) 10/100 Ethernet device

ef* at isapnp?
nsphy* at mii?

The ef device driver supports the 3Com Fast EtherLink ISA family of Ethernet cards, and embedded controllers based on the 3Com “corkscrew” EtherLink chips.

The following media types and options (as given to ifconfig(8)) are supported:

Enable autoselection of the media type and options (default).
100baseTX mediaopt full-duplex
Set 100Mbps (Fast Ethernet) operation and force full-duplex mode.
100baseTX mediaopt half-duplex
Set 100Mbps (Fast Ethernet) operation and force half-duplex mode.
10baseT mediaopt full-duplex
Set 10Mbps operation and force full-duplex.
10baseT mediaopt half-duplex
Set 10Mbps operation and force half-duplex.

If no media options are present, the ef driver places the card into autoselect mode.

For more information on configuring this device, see ifconfig(8).

ef0: adapter failure (XXXX)
A fatal error during receive or transmit has occurred.
ef0: eeprom failed to come ready
When reading/writing the EEPROM, the busy bit failed to clear. This may indicate a hardware problem.
ef0: device timeout
The device has stopped responding to the network, or there is a problem with the network connection (cable).

ifmedia(4), intro(4), isapnp(4), nsphy(4), hostname.if(5), ifconfig(8)

The ef device driver first appeared in OpenBSD 2.6.

The ef driver was written by Jason L. Wright <>.

July 16, 2013 OpenBSD-6.7