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DH_GET_EX_NEW_INDEX(3) Library Functions Manual DH_GET_EX_NEW_INDEX(3)

DH_get_ex_new_index, DH_set_ex_data, DH_get_ex_dataadd application specific data to DH structures

#include <openssl/dh.h>

DH_get_ex_new_index(long argl, void *argp, CRYPTO_EX_new *new_func, CRYPTO_EX_dup *dup_func, CRYPTO_EX_free *free_func);

DH_set_ex_data(DH *d, int idx, void *arg);

char *
DH_get_ex_data(DH *d, int idx);

These functions handle application specific data in DH structures. Their usage is identical to that of RSA_get_ex_new_index(3), RSA_set_ex_data(3), and RSA_get_ex_data(3).

DH_new(3), RSA_get_ex_new_index(3)

DH_get_ex_new_index(), DH_set_ex_data(), and DH_get_ex_data() first appeared in OpenSSL 0.9.5 and have been available since OpenBSD 2.7.

March 23, 2018 OpenBSD-6.7