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TOKENADM(8) System Manager's Manual TOKENADM(8)

activadm, cryptoadm, snkadmmanage the ActivCard, CRYPTOCard and SNK-004 token databases

tokenadm [-1BDdEeRrT] [-m [-]mode] [user ...]

The tokenadm utility displays and edits user entries in the various token databases. It may also be invoked as one the following: activadm, cryptoadm, or snkadm.

The options are as follows:

Display users, one per line.
Display users with no banner.
Display disabled users.
Disable users without removing them from the database. This prevents the users from authenticating, but does not lose their shared secret. The -m flag may also be used with the -d flag.
Display enabled users.
Enable users. This should be used to re-enable users who were disabled by the -d flag. The -m flag may also be used with the -e flag.
Add [or remove] the specified mode of authentication for the user. Modes available are decimal (dec), hexadecimal (hex), phonebook (phone), and reduced-input (rim). Not all modes are available for all types of cards. The -m flag may be used alone or in conjunction with either the -d or -e flags. Whenever reduced-input mode is set the reduced-input state is reset. This should be done if a paper copy of challenge/responses had been produced and then misplaced.
Display users in reverse order.
Remove users from the database.
Display users in terse format (only the user names). Unless -1 is also specified, four users will be displayed per line.

Use of any of the -1BDERT flags precludes the use of any of the -demr flags. The -demr flags all require at least one user argument.

x99token(1), login.conf(5), login_token(8), tokeninit(8)

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-6.4