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IHA(4) Device Drivers Manual IHA(4)

ihaInitio INIC-940/950 based PCI SCSI interface

iha* at pci?

The iha driver supports PCI SCSI host adapters based on the Initio INIC-940, INIC-941 and INIC-950 chips, including the following:

cd(4), ch(4), intro(4), pci(4), scsi(4), sd(4), st(4), uk(4)

The iha device driver first appeared in OpenBSD 2.9.

The iha driver was written for OpenBSD by Kenneth R. Westerback, based on a FreeBSD driver by Winston Hung.

iha does not currently use tagged command queuing.

January 15, 2015 OpenBSD-6.4