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GLXSB(4) Device Drivers Manual (i386) GLXSB(4)

glxsbGeode LX Security Block crypto accelerator

glxsb* at pci?

The glxsb driver supports the security block of the Geode LX series processors. The Geode LX is a member of the AMD Geode family of integrated x86 system chips.

Driven by periodic checks for available data from the generator, glxsb supplies entropy to the random(4) driver for common usage.

glxsb also supports acceleration of AES-CBC operations for ipsec(4).

intro(4), ipsec(4), pci(4), random(4), crypto(9)

Support for glxsb was added in OpenBSD 4.1.

The glxsb driver was written by Tom Cosgrove.

August 20, 2014 OpenBSD-6.3