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ACPIDUMP(8) System Manager's Manual ACPIDUMP(8)

acpidumpdump ACPI tables

acpidump -o prefix

The acpidump command stores ACPI tables from physical memory into files specified by prefix. If prefix specifies a directory, the generated files will be of the form <prefix>/<sig>.<id>. Otherwise, they will be named <prefix>.<sig>.<id>. “sig” is the signature of the ACPI Table; “id” is unique for each table.

Additionally a file called <prefix>/headers or <prefix>.headers will be created that contains additional human readable information pertaining to this specific dump.

The ACPICA disassembler is available through the OpenBSD ports tree or package system:

# pkg_add acpica
$ iasl -d <prefix>.<sig>.<id>

acpidump requires the ability to open /dev/kmem which may be restricted based upon the value of the kern.allowkmem sysctl(8).

acpidump is run at startup and stores the results in /var/db/acpi.


pkg_add(1), mem(4), packages(7), ports(7)

The acpidump command first appeared in OpenBSD 3.8.

June 1, 2017 OpenBSD-6.2