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VIRTIO(4) Device Drivers Manual VIRTIO(4)

virtioVirtIO support driver

virtio* at pci?

The virtio driver provides support service for paravirtualized devices using the VirtIO protocol. Such devices are provided by bhyve, KVM, QEMU, and VirtualBox.

Currently there are drivers for the following virtio devices:

VirtIO network device
VirtIO disk
VirtIO memory ballooning driver
VirtIO random number device
VirtIO SCSI adapter

The virtio driver conforms to the virtio 0.9.5 specification. The virtio 1.0 standard is not supported, yet.


The virtio driver first appeared in OpenBSD 5.3.

The virtio driver was ported to OpenBSD and improved by Stefan Fritsch <>. It is based on the NetBSD driver by Minoura Makoto.

December 5, 2015 OpenBSD-5.9