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SMTPD(8) System Manager's Manual SMTPD(8)

smtpdSimple Mail Transfer Protocol daemon

smtpd [-dhnv] [-D macro=value] [-f file] [-P system]

smtpd is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) daemon which can be used as a machine's primary mail system. smtpd can listen on a network interface and handle SMTP transactions; it can also be fed messages through the standard sendmail(8) interface. It can relay messages through remote mail transfer agents or store them locally using either the mbox or maildir format. This implementation supports SMTP as defined by RFC 5321 as well as several extensions. A running smtpd can be controlled through smtpctl(8).

The options are as follows:

Define macro to be set to value on the command line. Overrides the definition of macro in the configuration file.
Do not daemonize. If this option is specified, smtpd will run in the foreground and log to .
Specify an alternative configuration file.
Display version and usage.
Configtest mode. Only check the configuration file for validity.
Pause a specific subsystem at startup. Normal operation can be resumed using smtpctl(8). This option can be used multiple times. The accepted values are:

Do not schedule local deliveries.
Do not schedule remote transfers.
Do not listen on SMTP sockets.
Produce more verbose output.

Alternate server name to use.
Default smtpd configuration file.
UNIX-domain socket used for communication with smtpctl(8).
Spool directories for mail during processing.

smtpd.conf(5), mailwrapper(8), smtpctl(8)

J. Klensin, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, RFC 5321, October 2008.

The smtpd program first appeared in OpenBSD 4.6.

October 24, 2015 OpenBSD-5.9