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HPC(4) Device Drivers Manual (sgi) HPC(4)

hpcSGI High performance Peripheral Controller

hpc0 at gio0 addr 0x1fb80000
hpc1 at gio0 addr 0x1fb00000
hpc2 at gio0 addr 0x1fb98000

hpc interfaces the peripherals connected to it to the gio(4) bus. hpc is found on the Indigo, Indy, Challenge S, Challenge M, and Indigo2 machines.

There are three different numerical revisions of the hpc controller. Revisions 1 and 1.5 exist on Indigo machines, as well as GIO32bis expansion cards such as the E++ SEEQ-based Ethernet adapter. Revision 1.5 supports bi-endian operation. Revision 3 exists on Indy, Challenge S, Indigo2, and Challenge M systems. It is possible to have an on-board HPC3 as well as HPC1.5-based GIO32bis adapters in the Indy and Challenge S systems. Additionally, the Challenge S may have a secondary HPC3 if the IOPLUS (a.k.a. ''mezzanine'') board is installed.

The devices currently supported are:

DP8573A realtime clock
DS1286 realtime clock
front-panel buttons
Seeq 8003/80C03 Ethernet controller
WD33c93 SCSI controller
Zilog 8530 (ZSCC) Serial Communications Controller

gio(4), imc(4), intro(4)

April 18, 2012 OpenBSD-5.9