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LDAPCTL(8) System Manager's Manual LDAPCTL(8)

ldapctlLDAP daemon control program

ldapctl [-v] [-f file] [-s socket] command [argument ...]

The ldapctl program controls the ldapd(8) daemon.

The options are as follows:

Use file as the configuration file, instead of the default /etc/ldapd.conf.
Use socket instead of the default /var/run/ldapd.sock to communicate with ldapd(8).
Produce more verbose output.

The commands are as follows:

Show statistics counters.
Disable verbose debug logging.
Enable verbose debug logging.
Compact all databases. ldapd(8) does not have to be running. When compaction of a database file is complete, a special marker is appended to the database file that tells ldapd(8) to reopen the file and perform new requests against the compacted database. A write transaction is opened to force other processes to buffer write requests while performing compaction. Read requests are handled without disruption.
Re-index all databases. ldapd(8) does not have to be running.

default ldapctl control socket
default ldapd(8) configuration file

ldapd.conf(5), ldapd(8)

The ldapctl program first appeared in OpenBSD 4.8.

July 21, 2010 OpenBSD-5.8