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check-lib-dependsscan port for shared libraries

check-lib-depends [-fimoqx] [-B destdir] [-d pkgrepo] [-D directory] [-O dest] [-s source] [package ...]

check-lib-depends scans a port or package for shared libraries, and verify that all of them are properly recorded.

check-lib-depends can either scan files from a built port after the fake stage from the WRKINST directory, or look directly inside a package.

Likewise, it can also verify dependencies off installed packages, or figure them out directly from the port directory.

check-lib-depends actually consists of two distinct stages:

The options are as follows:

Scan files under destdir.
Look for all needed packages under directory pkgrepo.
Create debug log files under directory that show in more details the run of objdump(1).
Give full reports of every file that requires a missing library.
Read packing-list from standard input.
Always show progress-meter, even if not run from terminal.
Scan binaries using ldd(1), which also works for old a.out(5) binaries, instead of objdump(1), which only works for elf(5) binaries.
Save result of first stage in file dest.
Be quiet, do not emit ‘Extra:’ wantlibs unless there's also an actual problem.
Don't scan, directly read result of first stage from file src.
Don't show progress-meter, even if run from terminal.

If no package is given, and the -i option is used, check-lib-depends will retrieve the packing-list from stdin, and scan the package according to other options.

ldd(1), objdump(1), a.out(5),, elf(5)

November 27, 2011 OpenBSD-5.8